Vocabulary Building Apps We Love: “The Opposites” and “Word Cracker”

Lights are back on after a weeklong blackout at my house and it feels great to be getting a story up. During the blackout, I could recharge my laptop and iPad at the local library, so I spent some time with a pair of wonderful, slightly addictive apps that love words as much as I do. 

Your tween to young teen will love The Opposites by Mindshapes Ltd. I think a quick, clear, and relatively easy way to build vocabulary is through the use of opposite words or antonyms. This app does just that. It features a pair of twin tweens who play a game of one-upmanship as they defiantly stand at either side of the screen and recite a list of words at each other. The words float to the ceiling inside bubbles. When you can identify a pair of antonyms (opposites), tap them and the bubbles disappear. If you don’t, the room will get very crowded. The twins will eventually crouch down to fit; and you’ll run out of time. But if you identify the specially highlighted word’s opposite, you’ll win a food prize that you can use on the twins to buy more time to identify all the pairs of antonyms. If you manage to identify all the pairs, you’ll get a lightening round of words to pair up quickly before the clock runs out. You must complete ten levels of increasing difficulty to make it through this app. In the process, users will learn 500 pairs of antonyms. The dictionary section will give you the definitions of all the words in the app, divided by level. And it’s a great price; by which I mean it’s FREE.

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