Vocation: Get to Know Your Blog's Guts and Take Control of Your Blogging Destiny [Beginning]

Have you always been mystified by web acronyms like HTML and MySQL? Does the technical stuff sometimes seem like utter gibberish? Do you wonder why you even have to know about it when you can hire a web designer? Andrew Wilder, Adrian Nyland, and Rajashree Karwa will walk you through all the basics in plain English. They’ll explain how a website works, from the moment one of your readers types in your website address to the time they’re happily reading your latest recipe. They’ll explain those acronyms, and discuss the basics of HTML and how it works to make your site function. They’ll also cover how to back up your site properly, so if disaster strikes you can be up and running again in no time. Mostly, they’ll explain why understanding your blog’s guts is empowering and will create a better experience for you and for your reader.