This is the Voice!

NBC's The Voice is a somewhat well produced reality show with a good hook and an uplifting theme. Pop star hopefuls perform to turned chairs, hoping that the sheer quality of their voice tempts the judges to take a peak at the source of the melodic vibrations. For me, however, the best part of The Voice is Carson Daly. Particularly, when Mr. Daly is frustrated by the juvenile antics of the show's judges. Carson Daly cannot hide his emotions. This has been evident since his TRL days, when stupid celebrities would come on the show and Carson would give them that "I went to Loyola Marymount, why am I talking to you high school drop out?" look. Whenever Carson Daly is on a show with "celebrities" he tries so hard to be professional journalist man, but it almost always devolves into an incredulous looking Carson trying to make sense of something Ce-Lo just muttered. The more condescending and frustrated Carson is, the more I love him. He doesn't take anyone's crap. He is the nanny on that show, and has to keep his charges in line. I love anyone who has the courage to tell X-tina (I swear, that is how they refer to her on the show) to stop talking. Mr. Daly, I salute you!