The Voice Finale Cliffs Notes: And...The...Winner...Is...

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Last night, The Voice took up TWO HOURS of prime time for it's final finale (as opposed to it's first Finale on Monday eve). So it's totally understandable if you didn't make it through the epic coronation - and with that in mind, I thought I'd strip away the fat and see how much meat The Voice really served up in it's 119 minutes.

There were performances galore, tweets from fans and cast alike, and a bevvy of feel-good moments as finalists brought back their friends from the season and brought the house down with performances in their respective genres of note (except Chris Mann actually who impressed me with his Bittersweet Symphony.) My favorite? Juliet Simms and co's performance of Joe Cocker's I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends. Killed it. But enough about me. Let's get on to announcing our winner, shall we?

With 12 minutes left in the show (1:48 minutes in) Carson Daly tells us that it's the moment we've all been waiting for.  Our four finalists are on stage, in the standard Reality-Competition Execution Formation.  Let's see where this goes...

Carson kicks it off by pulling at Jermaine Paul's heart strings, referencing his background singing past, and asks him what winning would mean.  Jermaine can't speak, because OBVIOUSLY his mouth is full of puke.  Eventually he manages to eek out that it would mean the world to him and Carson moves on.

His next victim, Chris Mann, is pretty polished, but Juliet takes the opportunity to remind us all how surreal this all is for them, and fares much better than Tony Lucca who rambles on about puzzles and mousketeers before Carson gives him a reprieve.

This time, Daly looks like he means it when he says "This is it.  Are you ready?"  But then he waits silently while the camera zooms in on the pained faces of each contestant.

After literally thirty six seconds of silence (I counted) the person in fourth place on The Voice is...Chris Mann.  When Christina Aguilera gets up to hug him, we can hear Chris say: "You look pretty hot tonight" into his lapel mike. Oops.

Carson takes another 30 seconds of silence before unceremoniously eliminating Tony Lucca and moving on to the final two: Jermaine and Juliet. They're both starting to look like they had some bad clams in the green room.


Juliet is sobbing LONG before Carson announces that JERMAINE PAUL is the winner of The Voice Season Two!  I press the info button on my TV and see that seven minutes have elapsed between the first strum of the death-bass to the fireworks pouring down over a hysterical Jermaine.

After a gratuitous number of tear streaked shots of various celebrities and members of Jermaine's family The Voice is still stalking around the stage like a hungry lion trying to get a hold of his emotions before being grabbed in a bro hug and moaning loudly into Chris Mann's still-on lapel mike.  (Get it together, sound team.)

And there you go.  All joking aside though, Jermaine Paul -- congratulations dude, you're definitely not a back up singer any more.

[all photos courtesy of my iPhone.]

Did you watch The Voice?  What did you think of Jermaine taking the title?  I myself always seem to be routing for the underdog.


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