The Voice Top 8: Now We're Cutting Good People!

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It's The Voice Top 8, and now it's going to start to get painful. I pretty much like everyone who is left, and even those whose albums I wouldn't run out and by (because, silly one makes albums anymore!) are still artists I can respect for their vocal chops and potential.

The Voice

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Now, before we dig in, I have a note for the producers: Why did EVERY song start with someone in the dark and in the back? There were some numbers where I seriously could not spot the singer at first. Please, do not turn into The X Factor with ridiculous visuals and production elements that do the actual contestants no favors -- kthxbai.

NOW, let's dig in.

Team Adam

1. Judith sang "#That Power" by

I wouldn't call this song a masterwork or soon-to-be-classic, but she managed to look and sound and just be cool (leaving aside the Sanjaya faux-hawk.) Best part was the chorus, when she could really let it fly and sustain some notes. I just think it was smart of her to show a different side of herself. I think it's enough to keep her safe.

2. Sarah sang "Someone that I Used to Know" by Gotye and Kimbra

This had great moments, and moments that seemed to go off the rails -- but that's been Sarah all the way along. She has, like, 14 voices inside of her. And some of them should remain inside voices. The last time I thought she struck an emotionally authentic note she ended up needing to be save, so I'm a little concerned for her here, too. Perhaps we just like her better as gutsy soul mama, not angsty emo-girl?

3. Amber sang "Skyfall" by Adele

I'm sorry. I just find this song epically boring, Adele or no Adele, Oscar win or no Oscar win. She certainly was able to sing the big notes, but do other people just love that song way more than I do, not finding it to be an old-fashioned bore? I guess we'll see.

Team Blake

1. Holly sang "Done" by The Band Perry

Vocally, Holly did a really nice job. Physically, it read super-young and immature, which made it seem pageant-y. But you cannot argue with that vocal. And we know America loves All-American country girls, so I'm guessing Holly will continue to survive.

2. The Swon Brothers sang "Seven Bridges Road" by The Eagles

I love this song, and have very fond memories of my friends singing it. At first, I thought the brothers had a bit of an unfair advantage, with all those vocalists supporting those big, beautiful harmonies at the start and finish -- until it became a big disadvantage when they went off rhythm. I don't think they could hear one another, and it was completely off the mark. Even after that disaster, you couldn't distinguish the young cute boys' vocals at all, so it just sounded indistinct. It was not a good outing for them. Will they be forgiven because they've built up a ton of goodwill?

3. Danielle sang "Grandpa" by The Judds

Danielle needs to work on the low notes, but man, she has a super-pretty voice. So effortless. Perfect country twang and vibrato. She's young, but she really is set up perfectly for a long country career. I have no particular affinity for this song, and she doesn't do a whole lot when she's performing, but her voice is just hypnotically adorable.

Team Shakira

1. Sasha sang "Without You" by David Guetta, featuring Usher

Ugh. I really like that song, but this was not a good choice for her, in fact it was her worst performance to date. She had lots of pitch issues, which no one called her on. I found it almost painful. Lots of straining. Lots of looking like she just felt uncomfortable in her body, and with the staging. Much as I love Olivia Pope-Beyonce, I think she may have written her own execution order with this one.

Team Usher

1. Michelle sang "Grenade" by Bruno Mars

Now, I thought Michelle did a great job on this. My viewing companion did not like it at all, though -- didn't think she had enough power. I disagreed. We ended at an impasse. what did you think?

Bottom Line for the Two to Go Home:

Should Be: Swon Brothers and Sarah

Will Be: Swon Brothers and Sasha

But what did you think?

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