"The Voice" Roars into Season Two

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Are you watching The Voice? The singing competition show debuted fairly quietly last year, with most of the buzz surrounding it's impressive judging panel. Momentum grew steadily over the first season, and it was well poised to make a grab for it's piece of the pop culture landscape this year. It may have done more than that. With a Super Bowl lead in Sunday's premiere managed to pull in the highest ratings of a non-sporting event in over six years. Look out American Idol. It's an election year, and The Voice is in the running to take the American Ratings Crown. (Election Year --> Crown? I dunno...let's just go with it.)

If you're not watching, here's what you're missing out on: The Blind Auditions. 

Pure genius. Our celebrity judges - Country's Blake Shelton, Hip Hop's Cee Lo Green, Pop Queen Christina Aguilera, and Smug King Adam Levine who together comprise arguably the most impressive grouping we've seen on a single show yet - must make their decisions in the initial round with their backs to the singer, turning around to indicate interest in mentoring the Voice. Someone definitely got fired over at Idol for not thinking of that first.

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And it's not just the judges that the Internet is abuzz over. The Frisky gushed:

Can we please talk about A) how weirdly exciting it is that Tony Lucca — a former Mickey Mouse Club star — auditioned for the panel and B) how totally awkward it was that Christina Aguilera, who appeared on the show with him as a tween, totally didn’t recognize him even after he said his full name? 

Tony Lucca, for those of you who weren’t teenagers in the early-’90s and didn’t watch “The Mickey Mouse Club,” was on the show at the same time as Christina, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, JC Chasez, Ryan Gosling, and Keri Russell. All of those kids went on to varying degrees of success, but aside from appearing alongside Russell, his then-girlfriend, in the short-lived nighttime soap “Malibu Shores,” Lucca’s career never took off. During his audition interview, he made it seem like that was a choice he made, that he preferred to pursue his career as a singer-songwriter playing in small venues rather than become a pop star or focus on Hollywood. Clearly, that didn’t pan out too well, as Lucca is hoping to finally get his big break via “The Voice.”

It was deliciously awkward and had me at [Christina's total lack of] Hello. But Lucca may have the last laugh yet. The guy is good. He's also not the only veteran on this season's contestant roster.  According to ThePunkSite.com --

Automatic Loveletter‘s Juliet Simms recently appeared on NBC vocal talent TV show The Voice.  Juliet’s vocal talent was acknowledged by all four judges, and she signed on with Cee Lo Green for the duration of the program. 

Something for everyone this season, it seems. Of course, the show isn't entirely populated with residents of the local record store's used section.  Roughstock rehashed the debut of seventeen year old country girl RayLynn --

Only seventeen, she has enough swagger to try and pull off a cover of the Pistol Annie’s “Hell On Heels” song, a song written by and featuring Miranda Lambert, Blake’s wife. Last year he wasn’t so happy to hear somebody try and sing his wife’s song yet he was impressed enough to want to work with the young blonde girl (her hair color is right for Nashville radio acceptance). Adam also turns around and he and Blake share some jabs at their abilities to coach. But Honestly, Blake had this one from the start: he’s married to the girl’s idol, Miranda Lambert and she chooses him to be her mentor.

Okay your turn to weigh in. Do you think The Voice will unseat American Idol as America's favorite show? I'm kinda hooked.


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