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Have you ever visited a blog, a really cool blog, and wished there was something similar geared towards your own age group?  So many blogs these days are all about the mommy age - the thirty-something woman in the midst of raising her small children, but what about the woman that is past the mommy age?  Where is her voice?

Vision and Verb was created to give a platform and voice to a collaboration of women of a certain age - women who have a passion for photography and writing, or who have a passion for one and a willingness to grow and develop the skills in the other.  What exactly does “women of a certain age” mean?  It means that we are women in the prime of our lives, slightly older women whose children are grown or mostly grown.  We are also women who’ve never had children, single women, married women, straight women, gay women, women who live in the country or the city or a foreign land.  We are women entering a new phase of our lives and trying to figure out what that means - to us, to our families, to our communities.  Above all, we are women who have had life experiences and we have the desire to share those experiences and our unique perspectives with you.

How many women are we?  We are fifteen wonderful and glorius women living in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Tanzania. 

We’ve never met each other in person (well, the sisters have...I guess).   We only know what the other looks like from their photo on the bio page.  The only thing we know about each other is what information the other has decided to share.  BUT, we are all connected like the threads on a spider web.  Connected because we ARE women of a certain age.  Connected by our passions.  Connected through our blogs that were started because of our passions.  Connected. 

If you'd like to make a connection, please join us at Vision and Verb.

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