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Lisa Stone
Elisa Camahort Page
Shannon Carroll
Polly Pagenhart

Lisa: Hey Everyone. Welcome to the Community Keynote. The annual BlogHer Voices of the Year. I am so excited tonight because we are doing something very special to honor great writing. This year BlogHer has partnered with Open Road Integrated Media and for the first time the Community Keynote will be published in e-book format. I want to introduce to you, Tina Poleman....and note that there are hankies on the table.

Tina Pohlman: Thank you Lisa. I am the publisher of Open Road Integrated Media. One of the wonderful things about publishing an anthology, you get a whole that is more than the sum of the parts. You get something very special. It's been great to pull the info together and make them available online and to use video. We have people interviewing the writers this evening. We use the videos to create stories to market our books. Some of our other partners are Esquire, 17. We get to find really wonderful new voices and our merchandising opp to get voices to new audience.

Elisa: Thanks Tina. This is our 5th annual Community Keynote. Its great to finally be able to publish it. Polly and Shannon from our Programming Team were actually part of the 1st community keynote. I'm pleased to bring them on stage now. We will be honoring 15 of the writers tonight. Come on down Polly and Shannon

Shannon: Hello again.

Polly: This year's have been voted by community members with a total of 1,687 nominations. There are 6 topical categories and 110 bloggers were selected this year. Tonight you will hear 15 of them.

Shannon: You will 15 very different voices. Each one unique and powerful and all part of this community.

We'd like to start with Elizabeth Jayne Liu. On Monday each week, Elizabeth challenges herself to a dare on her blog, Flourish in Progress. Please joining me in listening to Elizabeth in reading her blog, To The Person Who Stole My Gordita Fund.

Elizabeth Jayne Liu of Flourish in Progress: To The Person Who Stole My Gordita Fund

(Lots of laughter from the audience)

Polly: See, that was just the first one. Lori Volkman is next. She is a prosecutor who started an anonymous blog, Witty Little Secret. But it wasn't anonymous very long, she has been featured on CNN, NBC and others. And is working on her first book. Please join me in welcoming Lori Volkman

Lori Volkman of Witty Little Secret: Fish Infested Waters

Shannon: Jenny Feldman writes the blog, Karma Continued. She believes in coffee, karma and...She's grateful to BlogHer to make her dreams come true today. Please welcoming me in joining Jenny as she reads, Life Lessons in the Seafood Section.

Jenny Feldon of Karma (Continued...): Life Lessons in the Seafood Section

Polly: Next up is Amebya Herdon. Is the writer behind the blog, What Now and Why, where she writes to laugh and keep from killing. Please join me in welcoming Amebya. As she reads, Walk This Way.

Amebya Herndon of What Now and Why?- Walk This Way

Shannon: Elizabeth McGuire writes the blog, Peace, Love and Guacamole. She is a writer, photographer and mother of three. When she is not chasing kids, she is writing blogs on Peace, Love and Guacamole. Please join me in welcoming Elizabeth as she reads, On Being Nine.

Elzabeth McGuire of Peace, Love and Guacamole- On Being Nine

Polly: Next up is Neil Kramer. Neil has been writing his personal blog, Citizen of the Month since 2005. He works on projects for Disney and HBO and believes writing blogs for women makes him a better man. Please join me in welcoming Neil as he reads, Poet at the Genius Bar.

Neil Kramer of Citizen of the Month: The Poet at the Genius Bar

Shannon: Okay... When they tell you take a potty break before you host this thing, take the potty break. I'd like to introduce, Issa Mas. She writes the blog, Single Mama NYC. She is a native New Yorker, single mom and a parenting life coach. She's a little nervous. So, please join me in welcoming her as she reads, The Horror of Mealtime.

Issa Mas of Single Mama NYC- The Horror of Mealtime

Polly: Ay dios mio! What a great night so far, huh?

(Audience laughs)

Polly: Susan Goldberg is the writer of Mama Non Grata. She is a writer, editor and blogger. Her personal essays have been featured in many magazines and anthologies and is currently working on a novel. Please join me in welcoming Susan as she reads, It's Always Something.

Susan Goldberg of Mama Non Grata- It's Always Something

Shannon: Dresden Shumaker writes the blog, Creating Motherhood. In 2005 she started blogging about having babies as single woman. She then fell in love with the entire internet and the entire internet got her pregnant. Joining me in welcoming Dresden as she reads, Welfare Queen.

Dresden Shumaker of Creating Motherhood- Welfare Queen

Polly: Next up is Jane Byers Goodwin who writes the blog, Scheiss Weekly. She teaches people to blow things up, play six degrees of separation with the universe. She doesn't suffer fools gladly and doesn't think we should either. Please welcome me in joining Jane as she reads her blog, Dick Clark and Our Sofa.

Jane Byers Goodwin of Scheiss Weekly- Dick Clark and Our Sofa

Shannon: Suzanne Barston writes her blog, Fearless Formula Feeder. Susan's book, Bottled Up drops this October. You might have seen her in commercials for Taco Bell, Verzion and others. Please join me as she reads her blog, Breastfeeding Promotion Tips from a Formula Feeder (Yes, you read that correctly...).

Suzanne Barston of Fearless Formula Feeder: Breastfeeding Promotion Tips from a Formula Feeder (Yes, you read that correctly...)

Polly: Vikki Reich writes about the intersection of lesbian life, parenting and...at her blog Up Popped at Fox... Please joining me in welcoming Vikki as she reads her blog, Ministrations.

Vikki Reich of Up Popped a Fox: Ministrations

Shannon: Barbara Becker writes her blog, EqualShot. She writes her blog and also writes at the Huffington Post. She is a human rights activist, professor and mom of two. Later you can follow her on Twitter @equalshot But now you can welcome her as she reads her blog, The Swastika in our Neighborhood.

Barbara Becker of equalshot: The Swastika in our Neighborhood

Polly: Varda Steinhardt of The Squashed Bologna is active in the autism parenting community... and is a host of a radio show here in New York city... Please join me in welcoming Varda as she reads her blog, H is for Holding Hands.

Varda Steinhardt of The Squashed Bologna: H is for Holding Hands

Shannon: The bad news is there's only one left. The good news is, next up is Shari Simpson. She writes the blog, Earth Mother Just Means I'm Dusty and she would like to thanks the groovy and amazing women of BlogHer. Please join me in welcoming Shari as she reads, The Best/Worst "Female" Story You Will Ever Read.

Shari Simpson of Earth Mother Just Means I'm Dusty- The Best/Worst "Female" Story You Will Ever Read

Elisa: I would now like to bring everyone back up so you can congratulate the 2012 Voices of the Year. Come on up everybody!

(Whistles, cheering, lots of cheering!)


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