VoIP Business Phone Systems in DallasFort Worth TX area

A good phone system is very important to manage and grow your business. And a very efficient way to do it is by using VoIP. But what is VoIP? VoIP is Voice over Internet Protocol. It is basically using the internet for making phone calls instead of the normal cellular network. What it does, is allow you call at a fraction of the price that the cellular network does.


Dallas-Fort Worth being one of the biggest cities in the United States is one of the best places for Business. And VoIP plays an important role here. One company that serves Dallas- Fort Worth is EntrCom

EntrCom provides VoIP Business Phone Systems to almost every size of Businesses. Be a small or a large business, EntrCom serves all. They provide with features such as Paperless Faxing, Voicemail-in-e-mail, Conference calls, Interactive Voice Response Menus, Unlimited call recording and much more.

Advantages of using VoIP business phone systems are:


You can make calls nationally and internationally at a very low cost when compared to the conventional phone calls.


Unlike the conventional phones, where you have to be at the same place to make calls, using VoIP gives you the freedom to make calls from all over the world. All you would need to do so is to have an internet connection to sign in to your VoIP telephone.

Video Conferencing

VoIP does not only allow you to make phone calls but also allows Video Conferencing. This is very useful for conducting a meeting with your clients, staff, no matter which part of the world you are.

To conclude this article, VoIP is a very useful tool for your business as it saves you a lot of money on the communication side. From making phone calls to setting IVR’s to Video Conferencing, VoIP has got you all covered.

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