The Vortex

Mother Nature has conspired against me.  She's placed the mother of all obstacles right at the hurting end of my favourite neighbourhood running loop - the proverbial thorn in my side.  I call it The Vortex.



You see, we live right on top of a hill.  So no matter how well I plan or from which direction I come, the final stretch home is always uphill.  Not the short, steep kind, though.  No.  The gradual, endless kind.  It's just cruel.




But a hill in itself is not that much of an obstacle, right?  Right.  So here's the fun part: For some weird and wonderful climatological reason - I'm guessing it's a combination of the  prevailing wind direction and the placement of the buildings and trees - there is always a headwind as you battle up that hill.  Always.  And it's always a howler.  Whoopee.  


But even a hill with a permanent howling headwind is not that much of an obstacle, right?  Right.  The Vortex still shorts one final ingredient: A jogging stroller.  With a 9 kg baby inside.  I guarantee you: Not even the funkiest man-made obstacle comes close.  


For now the score is still Vortex - 1, Mama - 0.  I get chewed up and spat out every, single time.  Most runs end in a panting, sad bundle of blah.  But I'm not about to give up.  I will conquer The Vortex someday.  And heaven knows, when I do, I'll be the strongest mama on the block.


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