Vote For Your Choice Among The Presidential Candidates

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Are you nervous about the Presidential election on November 6? Can't wait for it to be over so everyone can take a deep breath and stop fighting? In just a few days, we'll resolve one of the most contentious presidential campaigns I can recall in decades. This week, the BlogHer opinion poll gives our community the chance to do a practice vote before you go to the polls for the real thing. We are including the entire ballot of presidential candidates, as expressed by the state of California. You also have the chance to select "other" and write in your candidate too, since this is representative of all BlogHer readers nationally.


Go ahead and calm your voting nerves by voting here first. And please, if you're a United States voter, take the time (if you haven't already) to go to your poll on Tuesday, November 6, and vote for real. It is the most important thing we do as citizens of this country. Vote for your candidate, and proudly wear the "I Voted" sticker all day. Good luck, everyone. (And to our dear friends and readers from Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia and other international can see how our poll is trending just by clicking "show results.")




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