Downton Abbey Finale: Vote For Your Favorite Characters This Season

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Season two of Downton Abbey has just ended. That wailing you hear is the sound of millions of American women who looked forward to Sunday so they could spend quality time with the inhabitants of a fairy tale castle across the "pond". The saga of the Crawleys and their servants has captivated viewers like no other program on PBS. Who would have dreamed that a period piece set in the early 1900s, sans even a hint of nudity, bad language or special effects, could evoke such passion in the hearts of 21st century TV viewers? Everybody who set an alert on their smart phones to remember to watch DA, please raise your hand. We simply just can't get enough of those enormous feathered hats.

Downton Abbey
Image courtesy PBS

If you were one of the minions who caught DA fever, you can rest assured that there will be a third season. Rumor has it that Shirley MacLaine will be a featured character, playing the mother of the American countess, Cora. Oh, we can hardly wait to see the sparks fly between the characters of Ms. MacLaine and the venerable Maggie Smith. There's reason to live!

Tell us about your favorite characters by selecting from the list below. We know there's a huge cast -- that's why we included pictures to help you keep them all straight. Be sure and leave a comment about your favorite moments and plot twists from the second season and last night's finale. It will be helpful to talk through our grief now that it's over. If we all stick together, we'll make it to Season 3!



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