I Voted today!  I've never voted early!  I've always been skeptical of the process, unsure if my vote would really COUNT.

Well, after working at one of the campaign headquarters, I realized that my efforts could be better served in another capacity on that day... and since I have the time available I decided to VOTE!

On the day of November 6, I will volunteer in some way to help others evoke their right to VOTE!

So many people fought and/or gave their lives for my right to vote, I want to be an example to others as our ancestors have been to us.  

voting times

Now, on a side note: Do you all remember when a Quarter (25 c) would get you at least an hour of PARKING, well now a quarter gets you about 8 min., Yes, you could actually go broke trying to park downtown!  

I would just add.... Be patient!  And trust me, this is not one of my strong suits.


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