Voting is acting: BlogHers Act Round-Up

Another amazing week for BlogHers Act! Yesterday, Leslie Morgan Steiner, wrote about BlogHers Act a second time on her Washington Post blog On Balance, urging people to VOTE! Thank you, Leslie!!!!

Yes, it’s all about voting right now. The deadline is tomorrow, so if you care deeply about which issue this community gets behind for the next year, the time to vote is NOW.

We heard from Maya’s Mom, who urged the community there to get onboard and vote as well, and from Mary at In Women We Trust who says that she had considered not attending BlogHer this year, but “when BlogHers ACT was added to the roster, I confirmed my ticket for Chi Town. I wanted to be at ground zero when BlogHer puts the power of blogs and women's hearts behind ONE topic for ONE year.”

Sarah Granger at Sairy wrote about wanting to see the community take on the environment and the economy.

Elisa Camahort worked hard to get the word out, posting on Worker Bees, Healthy Concerns, the hip and zen pen, and at the Santa Clara Democratic Party.

Lisa Stone at Surfette wrote an inspiring piece on the power of women’s voices, and raised a cheer for the Canadian BlogHers Act.

Which gets to the other big news of the week, the creation of BlogHers Act Canada with two blog superstars from up north, Catherine Connors and Sandra of Mommy Blogs Toronto. BlogHers Act Canada will take on a cause that is distinctly Canadian for a year, and bloggers have gotten on board. The deadline for suggestions is tomorrow. From Canada, we heard –

Sassymonkey wrote a must-read post called Why Poverty is Not My Issue. It’s beautiful, straight from the heart and a big addition to the discussion on poverty.

Jen at MUBAR wants to make specific asks of the Canadian government for children living below the poverty line. Definitely go read her great post to get the specifics.

Daditorial “encourag[es] every person to try and improve their world, in whatever manner they are willing and able to do so.” For a dose of inspiration, his last paragraph is terrific.

West Coast Woman posted, “I truly believe that the Internet can be a powerful force for good. Cliche? Yes, sort of. But what a perfect tool to combine a myriad voices into one powerful yell.” Love that.

Three Seven gave their readers a strong nudge to vote, and Something Baby Blue offered up ideas for BlogHers Act Canada.

And lastly, you can find our posts on Been There.

What a great week everyone!! We CAN’T WAIT to find out the results of the vote! If you haven’t already voted, please do so now … right this minute without losing a second … and if you haven’t extolled your readers to vote as well, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do so!!!!!!


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