Voting for my daughters' futures.....

I am behind in my NaBloPoMo.....

Today I will write about the election. One of the most important elections of my life time. The very first time that I voted, I voted for the presidency. I voted for John Anderson. I was invigorated by the process and in the years that followed, I volunteered to work at a polling place. Seeing the process from the inside made me even more committed to honoring my right to vote. I vote in every election. I have voted in 3 states. Arizona, New York and CA. I married a man who was not even registered to vote! I hounded him relentlessly until he registered. He may have voted once or twice in our married life of 19 years. He will vote today.

Since I became a mother, I have taken my girls with me every time I vote. From infancy until today. My 11 year old is a vociferous OBAMA supporter. I had to explain the 'rules of the polling place' to her so that she doesn't march in with me today shouting "Obama for President".

My 10 year old was assigned, by her teacher, to watch the debates and discuss the issues. She was also assigned to pick a famous person and do a report on that person. She chose Susan B. Anthony. (I did not prompt her to make this choice.) Although I beamed with pride when she did. As she read the Susan B. Anthony biography she mentioned that Susan is so famous for helping get women the right to vote, but she also played a major role in helping minorities (in this case, former slaves), get the right to vote as well. My Lea thinks this is as important as women getting the right to vote. How do children get these ideas of what is just and right? She is my little feminist. They are both too young to understand Roe v Wade. They are too young to participate in a discussion about a woman's right to choose or even all of the rights that may well be in jeopardy if we, as a nation, vote in a different president. It is my job, as their mother, to weigh the issues and balance them with my beliefs, for their future.

I watched a TV show, a sitcom, for the first time, "Last Man Standing", it was about this election and the different candidates and their views. As Grace and Lea watched it with me they became more and more agitated. The arguments between the father and his daughters about their opposing views made my girls very upset. I asked them why it bothered them so much. The father, played by Tim Allen, was a staunch Republican, and his views were so opposite of my daughters’. As a mother, I have to tell you that it is amazing how much of myself, I saw in my girls and how much I did not see of their father.

I had a very heated and passionate discussion later that evening, out of earshot of our girls, with my husband. I implored him to consider our daughters' futures and their rights as women, when he votes for our next president.

A debt, whether it is 1 trillion or 100 kajillion, does not impact their day to day living as much as a lack of affordable, non-restrictive access to good healthcare will. Nor does a national debt affect their daily sense of their place in this world as women, equal to men, and as important and relevant as men. I am voting for my girls. For their future. For their rights. For their privacy. For their choices. For their potential. For their equality. I will vote for the man with the daughters. It is as simple and as complicated as that.

Susan B. Anthony fought for this amazing right that I have to vote. I will honor her and every other woman I know, that I love, and that I respect. I will vote today, with my two daughters beside me, and I will take enormous pride in my ability and the freedom I have to do so.



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