Voting, Voting Rights and The Next Generation

 I grew up in a passionate tried and true family of Catholic Democrats. We were raised talking politics and paying attention to all going on in Washington. I often tell people " Remember Alex P. Keaton on Family Ties?? I grew up the anti Alex P. Keaton!" My husband grew up in a conservative home loving Ronald Reagan.

 Boy oh boy, what a melting pot are we! I grew up in the minority watching Republicans win for most of my upbringing, I remember crying when Clinton was elected the first time. My Grandpa thought Harry S.Truman was the greatest president ever ( I think this also was because he was from Kansas too). So as you can see, we were raise quite differently.

 Anyways, today I am more reserved about politics and actually I doubt very few of you could peg my political beliefs if you tried. I think often that a book gets judged by its cover and that is fine by me. I just make my vote count at that poll and leave the bickering to everyone else. I know where I stand that is for me to know and to keep to myself.  My Gramie never voted because she grew up with her grandfathers arguing about politics and it turned her from them. Sad but very true. Remember what are we teaching our children, for they are watching us.

My Parents taught me to vote. I remember my last election before I could vote and riding to the polling place with my mom. I couldn't wait to turn 18 so that I could vote. Who cared about going to the clubs? I wanted to vote. I grew up watching my parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents vote. The first time I voted in a election was thrilling for me.

We talk about politics in our home, sharing our views with the kids and are raising them to pay attention to our country and the issues at hand.

My kids have always gone with Marty and I to the polls. We always take them with us on election day so they can see the importance of making your voice heard. Yesterday as I got out of the car it hit me that this is the last presidential election before Conner can vote. He waited outside for the last time! Mind blowing moment.

 Last night, Conner wanted to watch something and Marty took the remote and said " This is what we do on election night, we watch the returns". Then I worked on teaching them about the Electoral college while watching the returns. We've learned it before but truthfully it even confuses me at times. 

 Today when I walked into work my co-worker asked me about voting. I asked her if she voted along with another female co-worker and they both answered no. Now, this is one place I will be very vocal. because it has been less than 100 years that woman have been allowed to vote. Our great grandmothers fought for the right to vote and this is a privilege to anyone but especially women! I asked them if they grew up watching their parents vote? Both of them answered "no" their parents didn't vote. I was so sad to hear they aren't voters and may likely never be. I told them it is such a privilege and something we haven't been able to do very long. I hope maybe I made a difference and planted a thought in their mind. I love having the right to vote and never take it foregranted.

 I am thankful this election season is over. I am sadden by the divided country and hope we can all come together and make a change. Facebook this election was nearly a civil war between friends and family members. It was tough to watch people fight and disrespect each other.  I stayed out of it, I was raised to respect others and their opinions even if they differ from my own.

 I am thankful that we as a country have the ability to vote and decide on our leaders. So many other countries in the world don't have that choice. Women readers, also remember that 92 years ago we as women didn't have that right. Go register to vote!

Just my two cents, not really worth two cents.

PS as a adult, I have grown to admire Reagan as a president.

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