A Vow to Post the Ugly

I loved this quick article about ugly kid crafts.

I struggle with that a lot, especially in the blogosphere. I mean, all we ever seem to see are Pinterest-worthy masterpieces. And all of which are supposed to be made by our kiddos?

I'm not going to call anyone out, but I once saw a picture of a toddler craft that I could have barely made myself.

There's definitely a new found pressure out there that has arrived with the online age. And it has us all trying to "keep up with the Jones'" in the world of kid crafts.

I fall victim to it, myself. When planning our theme months, I find myself thinking that my ideas for Isaiah need to be bigger, better, or more impressive.

But, why? And at what cost?

Are we really allowing our children to learn, explore, and create on their own? Or are we putting parameters around their creativity, simply to protect our own ideas of beauty and art.

I've actually surprised myself a bit in this area.

I love crafts. I love design. I love photography. And I've always wanted everything to look "just so." I have a certain design *ahem* aesthetic that I crave in almost everything I do. Part of me was afraid of being 'that Mom' who took over my kid's homeroom project because it wasn't up to snuff, visually.

But ironically, so far, it's been just the opposite. It's the "ugly crafts" that I love most. Because they are every bit of my two-year-old, heart and soul. And not one bit of me.

They are a time capsule. And one day, when I pull them out of storage, I'll be able to close my eyes and remember Isaiah's chubby little hands making every little paint stroke.

This past Easter was a perfect example:

I pride myself on my Easter eggs. I love coming up with new and creative ideas, and sometimes I'll spend hours perfecting my dye technique. But this year? I didn't dye a single egg myself (notice we didn't have an Easter egg post?). Instead, I sat and watched as my two-year-old experimented with colors, turning every egg an adorable shade of brown.  And you know what? It brought me just as much joy, if not more.

I'm not perfect, by any means.  I definitely tend to post our prettier projects, guilty as charged. But from here on out, I vow to post the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Because I think it's important that we creative folks remind ourselves...

To hold ourselves back, instead of our kiddos. To let them be the creators, instead of ourselves. And to let them make their own idea of perfection, instead of striving for ours

Because truly, the result is much more beautiful than anything we could ever create ourselves.

And just for the heck of it, here are two of my son's masterpieces. They may not be going up in the Louvre anytime soon, but they are already up on my fridge. And that's better in his book, any day of the week.

 "Rainbow painting"
Isaiah, age 2

 "Mommy" (can't you see my yellow hair?)
Isaiah, age 2




Alli Aars (You have your blog, we have Aars)



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