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Dawn of Love @ www.wettransformation.ning.com


The idea for WET Transformation came from discussions with several female friends who share similar, and all too common, experiences of sexual abuse, sexual shame, sexual dysfunction, and a desire to overcome trauma and live more functional, fulfilling lives as authentic, whole human beings.

In order to create a safe place for women to engage in their own healing and to help other women along the way, we created WET Transformation. It is a closed social networking website that cannot be viewed by people who are not members. It is also limited to women so that we can feel comfortable sharing our most personal stories. Eventually we want to create a website that caters to a broader audience and deals with broader issues, but WET Transformation needs a certain degree of exclusivity in order to fulfill its mission.
As long as women stay isolated from each other we can be led to believe that we are the only ones, that it is a personal failing. We are kept in silence through shame and isolation. WET Transformation seeks to change that.
Women are stigmatized for being sexual. We are more likely to contract disease and judged more harshly if we do. We are the only ones to become pregnant, and bear the brunt of responsibility whether we abort or continue on to become a mother. If we do become mothers, we generally make less throughout our careers and women as a class are then seen as "underachievers" as in, "What do women ever do?" (as if creating and nurturing life means nothing - isn't an accomplishment). In modern Western society, I see little standing in women's way that isn't related to sexuality. In non-Western societies I see much that still stands in women's way, yet all of it still traces back to sexuality and reproduction.

What can you do to heal yourself? What can you do to help other women heal? What can you contribute to make this a better world for future generations of women? We are the half of humanity who suffers and bleeds to create life. We deserve respect and dignity. We are fully human and there is NO reason for our humanity to be diminished. Only through self-transformation and solidarity can we ever achieve our fullest potential as human beings. It is time to arise.

This is the way we allow WET Transformation to run:

WET Transformation was formed in response to the pervasive shame and anxiety surrounding female sexuality. Our mission is to provide a safe place for women to reclaim and transform our full humanity. In this regard, some basic guidelines are helpful.

Unlike many places on the web, our goal is not to argue, to convince each other of anything, or to engage in childish or humiliating banter. Members who are insulting to other members or who generally create discord, will be removed.

Our goal here is to support each other in living more authentic, fulfilling lives, in healing from the trauma of our pasts, in expressing the full range of our emotions, and in transforming our relationships to ourselves and others.

If someone has a different experience than you do, they will likely have a different perspective. Please try to honor the truths of others while articulating your own. Emotions are never "wrong". It's ok to express rage, sadness, grief, just as it is ok to express hope, relief, and joy. Above all, be authentic.


So please come and join us and begin your journey to authenticity and self growth!



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