W A S H W O R D S - dc area blogger

Like the tulips bursting out of the spring time, the blogosphere is blooming before me. A longtime flirt (tease maybe), I considered, even started this blog half a dozen times or so before finally making it "real," thanks in large part to my pal, Soupy Meg.

It's been a blast and an honor so far - I'm overwhelmed but in love with all the possibilities out there for blogging, linking, finding, exploring, wondering, wandering and finally, writing. Everyday I find a new wonderful site, writer, kindred spirit, and even more amazingly, people are finding me.

While in a past life, I've been a (award-winning!) journalist, creative writing fellowship recipient (and major), and while I still write professionally, this blog aims to enter the realm of the personal - my wanderings, wonderings and words on my life as a 30-something woman in Washington, D.C. Nothing more or less.

And so often on my wanderings thusfar, the talented women (and quite a few men, too) reference blogher, leading me to finally find my way here. While my blog is getting linked up (I hope), I urge you to take a peek, send me mail, critiques, questions - you name it, just tell me.

I'm definitely still a newbie, so be gentle, but not too gentle. I'm just getting started but I hope to be here a while. And I'm going to need the talents, energies, and wisdom of the fine women I'm getting to know here!




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