W4W Friday: The Fab Four - Larger than Life

The Fab Four and Some Famous Heads

 Confession time. I am old enough to have seen the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show. My “wishing for a wormhole” wish for today would be to actually have heard them singing. The audience (mostly girls) screamed so loud, we couldn’t hear very much.

I remember my mom was so annoyed. I don’t blame her. We had tuned in to HEAR the Beatles, not just see them. Hadn’t really thought about it, but the hubs was out exploring and stumbled upon the Fab Four in an unusual place. It brought it all back.

I found a link on youtube to the performance and trust me when I say someone has toned down the screaming. Wish they’d done that then. LOL


Do you find yourself tossed unexpectedly back into the past? So fast it feels like you’re there again? What does it? Sights? Sounds? Smells?

Perilously yours,

If you feel the urge to share this unusual Fab Four, here’s a custom tweet for you:

“The Fab Four Larger than Life! http://wp.me/p2wY7X-Ic #perilousp #TheBeatles #nostalgia”

Pauline Baird Jones


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