Wages? What Is A Worker Worth

$7.25 an hour should be called a survival wage, not a livable wage or even a minimum wage.

Those who are earning $7.25 an hour or slightly higher. Usual depends on such programs as snap (food-stamps) W.I.C housing vouches, and frequents food banks and other services, to survive.
With cuts in the safety net programs it makes low income wage earners; life more difficult.

An unforeseen event for low income worker wage earner, could force them to take out a predator loan, to survive and continue with their current place of employment.

Even with a certificate or a degree. One could go to anther state, usual are paid a higher wage.
Having a certificate or a degree doesn't guarantee a livable wage, in Idaho.

Those employers who can afford to pay a livable wage and don't simply "doesn't respected their employees or associates"
Those who gets up and go to work, deserve and is worth a livable wage.

Coffee is on.

Editor note...This a copy of letter to editor I send to our local paper.       

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