WAHM needs an assistant apparently

Everyday, I make breakfast for my kid. Nearly everyday (unless its Friday or dance days), I make dinner for the husband and kid.  Everyday, twice a day, I feed the cats.  

Who is feeding me?  I really don't remember the last time I was surprised with breakfast or lunch.  Mother's day and my Birthday don't count as I clearly remember making my own coffee.  

I work a 40hr a week job from home.  I don't need leave my house but yet, somehow, things have fallen on to me to do.  All the chores that normally were divided up now have added to my list since I'm home.  Did I miss a memo?  Clearly I did since I would have Vetoed that in a heart beat. 

As a WAHM, it feels like I am doing more now and being appreciated less.  I sometimes feel guilty asking my Husband to do something as he's just walked in the door from work.  I know I shouldn't be but I do.  He tells me I am the wife and mother... but I'd really like him to do the dishes.  Without me telling him to.  Or for the kid to pick up her underwear or make her breakfast.  

What is a WAHM to do? Do I go on strike?  What does a girl have to do for someone to make her a cup of joe?

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