The Wait...........

I happen to love my husband more than I can contain some days! (like today) :)

But there are other days while infrequent they are there and then I must WAIT until the sun shines again radiating beauty and warmth upon our relationship and so too is my wait for adoption.

My husband has the most sacrificial heart for our family.  He has done things for us I could not imagine and he is passionate, driven and not very movable.  So the fact that we have landed on two seperate feelings about adoption in this moment, I am here.......waiting on God.  I can't even say we have 2 seperate positions/opinions because we both agree we as the body of Christ are called to adopt however, we seem to be stuck there.  I am so so so so (did I say SO) grateful for  With Anthony's help, I can see the heart of husbands and not wanting to interupt their families and adding uncertain elements and potential strains upon them willingly.  They are inately made to protect and defend and this whole process asks them to rely upon God alone for all the uncertainties. 

I can see the ways that God is working upon my husbands heart and how he is investing the time and sacrifice into seeking the Lord for clear direction.  My heart lunges at the thought of him saying yes and is burdened at the thought he may ever say no.  He is fasting and praying and that is so incredibly HUGE & I am so stoked!!  I try not to get too excited but I am so confident in what God has for us in the way of adoption and I just can't wait to start the process and YET I have made a "deal" with God that if my husband says no (at least for now) that I will submit myself to his leadership for our family and continue to wait upon the Lord for HE alone knows the times and seasons.


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