But WAIT... Didn't they just have 8 Years?

Cover of new Newsweek in a waiting room.

Just one question: didn’t the GOP just have 8 years?

Newsweek’s title is: IF THE REPUBLICANS WERE IN CHARGE…  Well they got voted out of the majority, and the Presidency.  So countering Obama’s agenda might seem like its their job as the opposition party, but its not.  When GWB was President, Dems were told to be patriotic and follow their President, which many did.  They followed him into a trillion dollar war, trillion dollar deficit and a housing implosion and lobbyist/insurer/banking explosion.

So why, one year in to a Democratic Presidency, are we wondering what the Republicans would do if they were in charge?

We see it every day, the detritus, the lost jobs, the massively increased credit card charges, the $500 million bonuses to bankers who destroyed the world (yes, Goldman Sachs, people still blame you).

Newsweek shows its death knell: NEWS and WEEK are supposed to be going together, not guesstimating what the 8 year veterans have up their sleeve.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the obstructionism, the lack of reform in the financial arena and the refusal to provide Americans with reasonable health care reform.


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