Wait! Don't Throw Away Those Easter Egg Shells - Mosaic Them Into Some Jewelry

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Sure, everyone has their own yummy way of taking care of all those hardboiled eggs that the Easter Bunny delivered, but not everyone has a fun and unique way to re-use those dyed egg shells.  Don't let those green stains under you and your kids nails be in vain.  Make some egg shell mosaic jewelry and preserve the Easter memories all year long.

Just in case you went the plastic egg route, let me start things from the very beginning.

Plain earrings
Craft glue
Easter egg dye

This is if you are not like me and don't already have the motherload of dyed eggs sitting in your fridge waiting to me deviled.

The excitement of hunting for the Easter eggs is long gone for you kids, but the fun can continue.  Peel the shells from your eggs and put them in a bowl. I broke my shells up into small pieces. Once I decided on a pattern for my earrings I drew the inside circle with a thick craft glue. Next I filled the circle in with dry pink eggshells. I found the best method was to start with a layer of larger egg shells and then add smaller pieces where there are blank spaces. Once the glue had started to dry a bit I went back over the circle with more glue to act as a protective coat and anchor down all my pieces.

After I did the pink circle I went back and filled in the rest of the earring with green eggshell.

This is also a great project for the kids.  Nothing says that the mosaic has to be on a pair of earrings.  Think of all the fun wood cut out shapes at the craft store (my daughter and I made a butterfly and a snowflake).  Just a plain piece of paper and some glue is enough to get the most bang for your Easter egg dying buck. 








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