Waiting for a Diagnosis

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[Editor's Note: As parents, it's sometimes hard to know whether or not any decision we make for our children is right. As Heather at Cool Zebras awaits a potential ADD diagnosis, she shares how it feels to not know whether this is right or wrong, whether a diagnosis and potential medication will change her son and the love she has for him. If you've been through this, why not offer her a word of comfort. -Jenna]

Waiting for Diagnosis:

Waiting for a DiagnosisI'm having my son evaluated for ADD. I've been in denial about it for at least a year and suddenly last week it clobbered me with realization. I have mixed feelings about even the evaluation (we have no results as yet) because I worry that if "they" label him with ADD and prescribe medication that we will lose some of the quirky wonderfulness that is the K Man.

Before he's even evaluated by professionals, I'm 98 % sure he'll have some sort of diagnosis. Our regular family doctor assures me that we will be able to choose to NOT give meds on weekends and school breaks if we so choose. So there will be times he will be solely him. I think.

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