Waiting to Exhale: One Mom Finds Her Breath Again


A chance meeting with a professional vocal coach last week has set me free. She knew from the pitch and tone of my voice that I was all mixed up. She said, "Take a deep breath." And I did... I expanded and filled my chest up like a rooster in the morning. And then she said, "You are holding your breath, my dear. Your vocal chords aren't getting the air that they need. You are breathing up in your chest instead of deep into your belly. You are neglecting to use the largest bottom portion of your lungs." Therein lay the problem. I had forgotten how to breathe and she reminded me. Within twenty-four hours, I felt free and open and r-e-l-a-x-e-d.

Our bodies can handle so much before they shut down. I was holding so much more than just my breath. Remarkably, the body responds almost immediately when the path of least resistance is presented.

It is my time to exhale.


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