Waiting Game: Month 8 of a Multiple Pregnancy

Throughout my pregnancy, I've been aware of risks associated with carrying twins. No one has shied away from what could happen to my body and what would happen to my body. My wife and I wanted to start our family, and from our first appointment at the fertility clinic - we were warned that any treatments we used could result in multiple fetuses. We even had to sign paperwork acknowledging that this information was communicated to us! But we trekked ahead, fingers crossed that it wouldn't be a long journey to have 1 baby join our little family and were blessed to find out that after 1 try on IUI we were pregnant with twins. We know how lucky we are and find ourselves in disbelief many times - especially when those little bodies are floating across the ultrasound screen.

I've had a pretty easy pregnancy, so far (knock on wood), but as I edge closer to the final month ... I've been hitting some of the complications that a lot of multiple mamas face. And, it's quite scary.  A lot of tests happen earlier in a multiple pregnancy - like the blood glucose test. I had my first one at 20 weeks and passed. But then taking it at 28 weeks, I failed it and had to adjust my diet so as not to have myself or my babies suffer from complications of gestational diabetes. Luckily, the diet adjustment has been awesome because it's allowed me to control by blood sugars and have forced me to eat better. 

My blood pressure has been the biggest issue and I've been plagued by a higher than normal bp throughout most of my pregnancy. It's been able to be monitored but has put me in the hospital twice and is now the reason that at 33 weeks - we are officially on "baby watch". Increased protein in my urine also showed up - which can indicate a trend towards pre-ecclampsia. Pre-e is not good ... and can turn into a potential fatal issue for myself and the twins. We are at a pivotal point in the twins development though, and the longest we can keep them inside of me, the healthier they will be when they are born. 

It's hard to comprehend that even though a few weeks ago, I was so excited to meet them ... now that we are at that point, I just want to keep them in as long as possible. I know most twins are born at 35 weeks - and those that are born early are almost always healthy after a short stay in the NICU, but as a parent, it's still a scary thing. You are in charge of these tiny little beings and no matter how ready you may be to have them officially join your family, you still want them to not have a rough start to their life. 

I've been pretty lucky throughout my pregnancy and I know that 33 weeks is amazing to achieve with twins. There are many babies (even singletons) that are born a lot more prematurely. But it doesn't put the worry at bay, as YOUR child may be affected by health issues from being born prematurely.

Has anyone had a premie? How was your NICU experience? Any tips on handling your baby's stay at the NICU and emotional pains of the experience?

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