Waiting for Winter to Arrive

 (My back car window after a snowfall)  Beats actually cleaning the windows...plus I don't remember where I put my ice scraper...or snow shovel...here in Milwaukee I have my own name for winter, I call it HGTV season...and what a season!  There's Househunters, International Househunters...and every spring when I come out of hibernation I have a deep appreciation for how much room a family searching for a home, say, in Texas requires...and I'm usually 10 pounds bigger....

So yeah, I'm ready for winter now...the Thanksgiving turkey is but a memory although I'll remember the pumpkin pies...everytime I turn sideways in the mirror...yep, there it is, that second piece of pie I couldn't refuse...one thing about my body, to you it might be an extra piece of pumpkin pie, but to me, it's a lifetime committment on my hips.  Living in Wisconsin when winter shows up is much like an old ex boyfriend you can't shake, some years late, but most years early, he shows up right on time when it's the most inconvenient, dragging along his buddies Ice and Snow for moral support...yech!

Oh yeah, I'm ready for winter now. I'm no fool, I know how nasty the weather can be, plus one year I was snowed in at a radio station...actually, I lived close enough to walk home if I had wanted too, but no one else could get in, so in the days of 24 hour live dj's I was on the air...for 18 hours straight. I remember it mostly for all the things I probably should've never said on the air but when I was so tired I didn't care...things like "good thing I bought all that vodka before I came here..."  "Hey, if my boss doesn't want me to drink on the air, maybe he can come in and replace me..."  "I've waited a long time to say this but this song sucks and I'm tired of playing it...you go ahead and listen to it while I throw up!"  Stuff like that.  I was so exhausted, that when someone was finally able to get to the radio station and relieve me, when I got home, I couldn't sleep!

Today, I'm ready for anything. I've read all the articles that tell you what you should have in case you get snowed it...a special box that contains all my sacred winter necessities just in case I'm snowed in at work, on Lakeshore Drive in Chicago, or Arby's; A pillow, blanket, box of honeydip donuts, and ambien...because you just never know.

Cindy Huber

NaBloPoMo November 2012


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