Waiting for WLS Insurance approval or not?

Robin's view

I have finally finished all the mandatory requirements to receive Weight Loss Surgery. What happens next?

Well I was denied for my first appointment, expected. Now my surgeon submits the appeal and hopefully that will go smoothly. Given my physical condition it should be but insurance is not always predictable. I'm struggling now with a large abdominal hernia and several prior surgeries causing scar tissue inside. All of this complicates my WLS in extreme. My surgeon admitted that he would be amiss if he didn't give me the 411 on what he expected and the possible complications.

So while my journey is not typical I can't say its not something I am eager to get done either. My worry about the possible complication has caused me great stress and worry. If the worst happens I could be in hospital for weeks, I could have infections or healing delays and my pain will be high. And even though I have a high pain threshold I can say that I've experienced the Open RNY in 99 and I would have rather cut off a leg. So my hesitance is real and my imagination is not over reacting. 

Of course this all complicates my "pre-surgery diet" and my eating disorder. I am winning the battle but with the help of my therapist thank god. I have really worked hard to drive past all the triggers I have with food and stores I shop at. I'm in control of what I buy and I'm taking time to talk to myself out of the impulsive sweets I want. As part of my recovery from ED I am trying to learn to balance my mental sabotage with food. I have been able to hold it together even with the extreme stress the rest of my life has created and I am quite proud of that. 

I hope, fingers crossed, prays to the goddess and all that by next week I will have a date to realign my life.


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