Wait...that felt good!

Yesterday, after 2 and a half weeks without any kind of healthy food (slap my own face for that one) and only exercising, by just running for 25 minutes, every other day and skipping the weekends, I officially leaped back on the wagon. Oh and it feels good.

Exercise adds years to our lives, that's obviously the reason it feels so darn fantastic right? It's supposed to.

 I did level 1 of the 30 day shred (which was super hard, even though I've previously conquered all 3 levels) and went immediately after to run a mile at the gym. I was slightly angry and dripping sweat before even stepping onto the treadmill, my legs were jelly and I wanted to just go sit on the couch. Instead, I told myself, I'm going to work harder. Turned up my Britney and set the speed to 5mph.

It was surprising to me, but after about 3 minutes of running, I really started to feel good! I know it's probably annoyingly cliche of me to say that, but it's so true. I felt proud and strong and I knew that I could easily finish out my 12 minutes.

I've been running for about 5 months now and I enjoy it, usually. Mostly just because I typically feel so out of breath after 30 minutes that I KNOW I burned over 350 calories. Today was different because the running, after the 20 minutes of treacherous 30 Day Shred with Jillian, FELT GOOD. The endorphins had kicked in and I felt the rush of happy I've been missing these past few weeks.

A girl came into our small apt community gym and hopped on the treadmill right next to me. We ran almost in sync for 10 minutes, and it's funny but she made it so much easier to keep going. I ran for an extra minute, just because she was running too!

Today the workout was much harder than I anticipated, I didn't realize how fast and how far I'd fallen behind. I think now that I know the happy kicks in right as my legs turn to jelly I'll tell myself that it feels good for a reason and be able to keep going.

My livestrong tracking for yesterday- although 427 calories burned in one day, is not the highest I've hit, it still feels great enough to share.




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