Wal-Mart, Awkward Moments, and The Easter Bunny

person in a bunny costumeSo this awkward moment happened the other day.

I was at WalMart getting Easter basket fixins’. I know. WalMart. But I’m on a budget so don’t judge.

So I get in line with my candy and Crayola and books and reusable/recyclable paper basket grass, and the young woman initiated a conversation. A conversation she decided to have over the screams of my baby who wants everything she sees. Candy! Dora! Book!

“So getting ready for Easter?”


“How did that start, anyway?”

“Ummmmm, you mean the Easter bunny part?” (At this point I’m resisting the urge to reinact scenes from “The Ten Commandments,” which I watch every year, and which basically comprises the whole of my religious education growing up.)

“Yeah, the Easter bunny part.”

“I don’t know.”

“Robin’s don’t even hatch their eggs until after Easter.”

Insert blank stare. I mean, whaaattt?! At that point we just had to suffer through a lot of awkward silence while she finished checking me out.

But this whole interaction left me thinking, what is the history of the Easter bunny?

I bet you are wondering too, so I’m going to tell you. And I know this is accurate because my source is Wikipedia, and those Wiki’s don’t lie.

Basically, bunnies are fertility symbols and they represent increasing fertility of the Earth during the Vernal Equinox. The modern Easter Bunny was created when the media  glommed on to legendary tales of a bunny bringing gifts to children, much like it did with poor old St. Nick.

So basically, the media is making these guys (US) work overtime.

In other news, did you know that it is possible for a female bunny to get pregnant while she’s already pregnant? Yep, it’s true, I read about it on two Wikipedia pages! It’s called Superfetation and it’s not something that I hope ever happens to anyone I care about, because it can happen in all mammals, not just bunnies!

But I don’t want to go into the details, because that would just be awkward.

Do you ever have any awkward moments? Are you having one now?

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