Reliable Care When You Need It

Update 12/5/2013: This sweepstakes has now ended. Thanks for your interest in this promotion. You can still read the bloggers' reviews by clicking on their links .

Have you ever needed a last minute physical? Or have the kids came down with a cold on the weekend? Walgreens Healthcare Clinics (at select locations) provide a quick solution to your everyday healthcare needs! Our bloggers visited their local Walgreens Healthcare Clinic or checked them out online. Check out their favorite reasons to visit the Healthcare Clinic and learn how you could win a $100 Walgreens gift card to use at your next visit!

 Learn more about the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic and find a location near you!

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As a mom, it is entirely reassuring to know that Walgreens Healthcare Clinics exist

Oh, kids. They are both a joy and the source of the greatest worry anyone will ever experience. From bumps, bruises, coughs, sniffles, and other childhood afflictions, parents have to be on extra alert when it comes to the health of our families. It's a job requirement! My six-year-old son Andre has been blessed with great health, but with kids there is always the risk of something happening when the doctor's office is closed and you can't imagine waiting for hours in Urgent Care or the Emergency Room....more

The last thing I want to worry about is where to take them when they're sick.

I've always had this complex about going to the doctor. You might know what I mean.You're sick, you just need someone to tell you what's wrong and give you medicine to fix it.So, you go to the doctor, wait hours to be seen, only to find out they don't know what's wrong and you have to come back 10 more times and by then you've already gotten better on your own.I hate it. So, I never ever go to the doctor....more

A Super Reliable, Fast and Easy Solution for When You Literally Don't Have Time to Get the Doctor + a $100 Giveaway

I'm so busy right now I feel like I don't even have time to write this post! But the really crazy / alarming thing is, I'm drafting this at the tail end of a comparatively lazy, peaceful summer. I know I'm going to be even busier in the blink of an eye, once autumn is in full swing! My life as a working mom gets a jump-start into crazy town in the beginning of September, when Fashion Week coincides with Back to School, and from there life just seems to go faster and faster, barreling through into the holidays and right into the new year....more

Why in the world didn’t you go to a Walgreens Healthcare Clinic?

Having a small family with two toddlers, doctor visits have increased like crazy. Not that my kids have severe medical conditions, but it seems we are going in for so many different things. Whether my child has an allergic reaction, needs flu shots or comes down with something more serious like pneumonia. We are always there. Recently our family took a trip to California and we spent a night in Las Vegas. Our 3-year-old daughter came down with a severe cough that night and could barely catch her breath all night....more

My first priority is my children...

The last few days of school, Little B seemed under the weather, but with the end of school parties in full swing, she refused to miss a day. The first day of summer finally arrived and after two baseball games -- back to back, we went for a swim at a friend's house. As everyone was splashing in the pool, Little B was curled up on the couch inside. I knew something was seriously wrong....more

Busy, busy, busy and a $100 Visa GIVEAWAY

School has started and is in full swing here in the desert and that means the beginning of a hectic after school schedule and lots of running around for me. As my kids get older, ranging from ages nine to four, they've become more independent in certain ways - I don't have to physically dress or feed or bathe anyone (until the baby comes in a couple months that is!), but they're more demanding in the chauffeuring, after school activities, and homework department....more

The Beach Trip.....and the Jellyfish

What I didn't prepare for was the unexpected. The things that I couldn't have expected on that long awaited, 361 day anticipated Beach Vacation. Jellyfish. Yes, I said Jellyfish, and boy do they hurt. Did you know that a group of Jellyfish are referred to as a swarm or terror in the water? And that’s exactly what my son thought when he came in contact with them on our first day at the beach....more

Walgreen's Healthcare clinic and our Sunday adventure....

I am all about sticking out the sick. I feel like the body is really good at healing itself, and I am pretty lucky that my kids are pretty healthy too. However with that said, it never fails that we have a good run where I think "Wow, we've been really healthy for a while now!" and someone brings home the creeping death from school on a weekend, when all of the doctor's offices are closed, and they are not really sick enough to go to the ER, but they need to be seen....more

The Rise of Quickie Healthcare: How do you feel about in-store health clinics?

I'll remember the day that the first "minute clinic" opened near my house as one of the happiest of my life. When you have young kids, trips to the doctor are inevitable and frequent. And while we had a pediatrician I adored, sometimes if it looks like pinkeye, itches like pinkeye, and infects playgroups on the scale of conquistadors on cruises, well then, it's probably just pinkeye. Except that with my doctor's office, it was the same drawn out procedure as if the kid had a crazy rash...more

The Convenience of Walgreens Healthcare Clinic and a Giveaway!

It seems like when you have little ones, flu and cold season never ends. It's like that for everyone... which means it's impossible to get any sort of doctors appointment, and if you do manage to wiggle your way into an open slot later in the week, you're already better and feel like a liar or you're worse and might need (God forbid) hospitalized. This means you're spending more money on what should have just been a co-pay at your primary care physicians. Just in reading that I'm frustrated....more