Walk With Faith

Somedays it seems as if you have less conrol over what goes on with your life than usual. In your mind, you are slowly moving towards your goals but in hindsight you question whether you've made any movement at all. What are you plans for the future? Where does your path lead? It may be at this time, you're not of anything. But does not knowing affect where you are? It's not easy having faith or believing in something you're not sure even exists. So where does this leave you? Sometimes in the not knowing, you will find out what you believe in. Walking in faith is living a life of compassion and trusting that all that is happening around you is just part of your journey.

When you open yourself to the unknown, you never know where you'll end up... 

(Sometimes it is difficult living my life in faith because I can't see where I am going. It's like walking in the dark with just a glimmer of light shining through every once and awhile. Believing that I can feel my way through the darkness to get to where I belong.- Thank you to everyone for all the well wishes today. I so appreciate and love all of you. I had a perfect B-Day with the sun shining on me!



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