But Can I Walk My Talk?

A friend wrote: "Jo, help me write a book."

I answered with this:

Ah, Grasshopper, don't write a book! Those are as common as toenails! We have bookstores and libraries full and any windbag with some discipline and time to waste can write a book. Don't write a book. Books are stupid.

Now then, Friend, since that stupid idea is off the table, will you please tell me a story?

Will you?

Will you take an index card and ask the Universe to channel some humble truths through you with a sincere promise to stay out of the way and keep your ego busy with a handy crafts project after?

Will you write a single sentence telling what the story is about at the top of the card and then a few (five maybe) bullet points of how the story will progress from start to finish like railroads along a Monopoly board? Then just start telling the story. (At START, silly.)

Remember your ONLY PART in the process is the index card and the intention. If the finished product is crap, not your business. You were just taking dictation. Same thing if it's awesome. Stop being stingy and dance with the one that brung you.

Christ. You can write a sentence and bullets, right? Damn straight you can.

Let go of the illusion of control. The impulse is actually a work order. Show up for work and stop cock-blocking the Universe. Sheesh.#


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