A Walk: To Remember

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Red, orange and gold drift down from the trees; their flutter to earth resembles a dance amidst the chill that has settled.

The smell of smoke from a fireplace I cannot see fills my nostrils as I stroll through a dusky pink evening. Pulling my sweater closer to my body, the tights on my legs feel foreign yet comforting and I find myself enveloped in a way that brings oversized leather chairs, steaming mugs of milky hot chocolate and a blanket softened by years of use, to mind.

I am at once, sentimental for my parents and their gift of painted pumpkins that adorned our enormous dining room table as a child.

As I saunter, I will my mind to gently unwind, to surrender the memories of splish- splash summer days and their crystal clear blue skies in exchange for bumpy hay rides and purple tinged mornings. Ice cream cones that dripped their sweetness down onto our fingers as they melted in the heat are replaced by deep dishes of warm, crumbly Apple crisps, where your spoon gets stuck and cool whip melts on top instead.

Children’s squeals ring out as they hop in small mountains of leaves, their days of cannon balls into deep chlorinated water a memory for now, while for a moment I am nostalgic for the sweet aroma of Banana Boat sunscreen wafting off my skin, the beat of the sun warming my shoulders and reddening my skin.

So, I turn the corner heading back toward my own door, aware of the turning of the season, the changes that seem inevitable.

I realize I am grateful, open to feelings of Thankfulness and Joy that will surround me in the months to come.

My foot on the steps, I bid a teary adieu to summer, my heart ready to harvest.

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