The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale

First off, word of warning, this does contain spoilers if you have not watched it yet.

One word sums up Sunday night's season finale of The Walking Dead - amazing. I mean wow, just when you didn't think they would go that far on TV. Being a huge fan and having read the comics, there are many scenes you just assume that they could never pull off on TV.

In the opening we see Rick covered in blood leaning against a car, his hands shaking, staring off into the distance. He looks shell shocked. We later learn the reason for how Rick appears. The Claimers catch up with Rick and want to make him pay for killing their group member. In the comic it's just an unknown group that attacks Rick, Carl and Eugene. In this case Daryl is with the Claimers and he comes upon his new group attacking Rick and Michonne while Carl is asleep in the car. Daryl ask Joe to leave them alone because they are good people. Joe, does not like Daryl sticking his neck out for his old friends and tells the other members to beat him to death. Carl is dragged out of the car as one of them attempts to assault him Rick snaps. Acting like a zombie himself he takes a bite out of Joe's neck and Michonne and Daryl take advantage of the shocked group members to kill the rest except for one. Rick wants him, "He's mine". He proceeds to stab the man over and over.

The group eventually makes it to Terminus but they stash some weapons and go in the back so they can see the group first. They are obviously a little suspicious of other groups considering what occurred with the governor. And Terminus is of course not what it seems. Some of the group members are wearing and carrying items belonging to Glen and Maggie. When Rick turns on them and demands to know where they received the items all hell breaks loose. They are cornered and forced into a train car which it turns out also holds Maggie, Glen and their new group of friends.

The best part of the show and what will surely turn out to be one of the most memorable lines of the show comes from Rick when he says they are going to feel pretty stupid when they find out. They ask find out what, to which Rick replies "They're screwing with the wrong people." This is taken straight from the comic. It speaks a lot to the new Rick, one who is confident and will never just lie down and give up.

While we never learn what has happened to Beth and we still don't know if Carol, Tyrese and Judith are headed to Terminus, the finale was a great wrap up to a great season. We have learned so much more about the characters and their past. I am glad we did not lose anyone during this finale but we can be guaranteed to lose more main characters during season five, there is no getting around it.

Now we have a long wait till October where we will have to occupy our time with the comic and hopefully some new books as well. And there is always seasons 1 - 3 on bluray to relive which I will surely be doing during our long, excruciating wait.



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