Walking Tall and Proud.

My name is Evelyn. I have been happily married to my best friend, Richard, for the last eleven years and together we have four beautiful children: James (9), Catherine (7), Olivia (5), and Emme (3). I am also the co-founder at a private organization that provides children with afterschool care. Throughout my years as a working mother, I have found one of my biggest struggles to be balance; but as a woman, that is one thing, you are expected to succeed in. I find myself in an odd position. You see, much of my community is derived of stay-at-home moms with husbands who go to work and pay the bills. Much like the 1950’s and such. So, as one of the only working mothers, I am very much in the spotlight and one of the main gossip subjects in the mornings when other mothers meet for coffee. They say things like: “How can she do that to her family, her husband, and her kids!” and “I just hope her kids don’t end up like her. Oh, especially her daughters.” I mean, isn’t my family and my life my own business? Maybe, that is why I am such a huge advocate for women’s rights; because, a women, I am expected to stay home, cook dinner, do the chores, etc. and am not fully viewed as having as much potential as men do. This is 2011!!!! The 21st century!!!! Women can do what men do and men can do anything women do!!!! In fact, I just recently met a man who stays home with his three children while his wife goes to work in the advertising department. This man was so hard working and such an inspiration saying, “As an American, I have rights. One of my rights is to walk in my own skin representing who I am. And I am, a stay-at-home dad!” There should not be mixed emotions regarding that statement AT ALL. PERIOD. I am very fortunate to be loved and married to a man who lets me be me. If that means, following a passion involving me to go to work, so be it. He has no problem with me going to work, and I have no problem with him going to work as a surgeon. He and I were both raised by single mothers, I had two brothers and sisters and he had seven brothers and sisters with a majority of them being women. He was raised by an outstanding woman who taught him that being sexist in any way was frowned upon. He watched his mother work three jobs and go to school and earn a degree in business. He watched her struggle to pay the bills, but did that stop her from getting up in morning to raise a family? NO.

We make family work. We are there for our children’s soccer games; we never miss a parent-teacher conference; and we are both home by 6pm for dinner. Our house may never be spotless but I spend time everyday cleaning it until it is organized. My husband and I might live hectic lives and not see much of each other, but we make it a point to sit down with each other for a half n’ hour a day, even if it is 11pm! Dinner might not be ready by 6:30pm, but I make it factor to feed my family a healthy, unprocessed, not fried, nutritional meal before 7:00. And last but not least, I may come home at 6:00, tired and in a bad mood, but I love my family more than life it’s self. I don’t need neighbors see me in a bad mood and assume that my husband and I are getting a divorce.

I am a woman, W-O-M-A-N. I am an American, A-M-E-R-I-C-A-N. I am a working mother/wife and I am 100% proud to be. I will continue with a smile on my face and walk tall and proud.


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