Walking on Wednesday ~ Life is Like......

I have been taking so many pictures these days.

And no, not the fun, inspirational ones I usually like to take.
I have been taking pictures of things we have to sell.
source: zulily.com

So lately, the way I am seeing my life is through all the crap we have, that we don't need.  How did we get this far away from living simply??
I don't want to see my life like that. In what way would I describe what life is like?
There are so many options.........like monkey bars....
source: MotivateHopeStrength
Yes, I am letting go of so much stuff! 
So we can move on. 
I can't wait to be done with the 'getting rid of stuff'! It is hard to be letting go of some things. The change is hard, but I am ready to move on already.
You could say life is like.......underwear?
source: TARTORA Lingerie
Ok...you could say that. And yes, I keep talking about moving, and yes we are moving, so you could also say that life is like riding a bicycle....
source: MoveMeQuotes.com
Or.... that life is like a book....
source: Pinterest
Or... that it is like chocolate.....
source: verses4cards
Yes, I had to include chocolate, remember it is powerful, and delicious in more ways than one.
But I think I would rather think of it like the ocean.....
source: IamPoopsie
But to get me even close to the ocean...it is probably best way to look at it like it is a road trip.....
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Have you heard a different "Life is like..." quote? There are some funny and wacky ones out there. Share!