Wall Collage: Tell Your Story

It's Thursday! As in Throwback Thursday, y'all!

So I was thinking I would revisit some of my old posts and feature them again only with an update.

I'm starting with my wall collage post for our boudoir. You can find the deets at the link below.



wall collage hanging pictures arrangement


This collage of "us" happened on accident. I had all of these things separately hanging through my house. I really wanted some kind of wall art with our initials or some kind of word art. Then I found the You & Me picture on an end cap at Target and it all kind of fell into place. 


The large mosaic mural is done by my mom and it's a Day of the Dead bride and groom that I had been begging for. It took me five years to get it out of her but I succeeded into talking bullying her into giving it to me. 


The bouquet is my original wedding bouquet. I'm not in love with it but it made it this long without turning into potpourri dust, I couldn't just throw it away after almost eight years and five moves. It earned its spot on the wall.


The picture above is of my husband and I on our wedding day when we first saw each other.


wall collage pictures hanging arrangment


So the entire time I'm putting this together in my old house I'm thinking - I wish I could paint! But I didn't paint because painting is not my strength. Frankly, it scares me. There are too many colors to choose from and I'm afraid I'll pick the wrong one!


But while hanging my bedroom wall collage I was fantasizing about a grey room. No, not prison wall grey. A light charcoal. It's currently my favorite color of EVERYTHING. I mean, except for pink. Pink will always and forever get love from me but I wouldn't paint my bedroom walls in pink, lets be real.


When we moved, I still wasn't tired of this wall collage and I still really loved it. But my husband and grandparents offered to paint the new house, which was covered in a fresh paint of mint green. It was okay, definitely not as horrid as it sounds. I just didn't want the whole, entire house to be covered in it. 


So I got my light charcoal bedroom walls, guys. And it's glorious. Behold.




charcoal walls collage hanging photos


Excuse my husband's feet. He was laying on the floor and I didn't realize when I took the picture that his feet made their debut. And I'm still using this picture because I really don't care and kind of like his feet there.


wall collage


Oh, hey! There's a giant sand dollar in that wall collage. Didn't notice it against that white wall? Neither did I! But now I do because it's not washed out. It came from one of our trips to Rocky Point right after we were married.


light grey walls collage hanging pictures


There you have it! 


Proof that color changes everything.


Mom to Gabe (15), Christian (5), and Lola (4)


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