Wall of Fame: Best Corporate Apology for Photoshopping a Model Ever

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Photoshop happens. Sadly but surely, we’ve come to the blatant realization that the bodies that already appear perfectly proportioned and the seemingly flawless faces chosen to be this sort of altered reflection of what we could look like are even further perfected after the shutter clicks. But there comes a point when smoothing out a few wrinkles and fixing stray hairs turns into shaving down bodies to the point of organ removal and altered bone structure.

Since the controversy behind the airbrushed Ralph Lauren ad and the tweaked magazine covers graced by Kelly Clarkson and Kate Winslet, one fashion blogger has pointed out the obvious airbrushing Nordstrom recently applied to one of its models -- who happens to be modeling a Ralph Lauren polo. I’m guessing Photoshop comes with an ironic coincidence enhancer now.

However, Nordstrom acknowledged their airbrushing error admirably and apologized, stating:

“Bottom-line is this: our goal is to best represent the merchandise we offer for our customers. We recognize that there are many opinions on how to accomplish that. At the end of the day, we are humans who are reviewing and editing the images so we will never be perfect. Sometimes mistakes will be made.

It's clear through all the feedback we've received that this is a subject our customers care a lot about and we appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the conversation. We're working to make sure we have a more clear internal standard for our approach to retouching. We've learned a lot over the past few days and we'll continue to look for ways to improve in this area in the future.”

Commendable act on Nordstrom’s part. Hopefully, they’ll live up to their response and others will take heed, accentuating beauty rather than altering it.

What's your take on the airbrushing issue? Would you photoshop yourself?


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