The Walmart Checkout Line

I've been in that Walmart line. You know the one. The line that is filled with people anxious to get home. The screaming kids (mine is home with Daddy). The frustrated looks. You know that line.

Then I'm up. It's my turn. The cashier scans everything. Then I say I have coupons. Ok, no big deal. But, then she sees the stack of coupons. Yes, I have a coupon for each and every item I am buying. She seems to roll her eyes. The people in the LONG line behind me are rolling their eyes too.


They realize what just happened. I hear people saying, "Wasn't your bill over $100?" I reply a simple "Yes". "How'd you do that?"

It's then that I wished I could take that person (the person who has no coupons and who has 2 cart-fulls of groceries) aside and teach them everything I know. The person who has food stamps, 3 screaming kids, and no coupons. The college student who buys everything at full price.

This happens the checkout line. Alot. I want to tell them so much. Yet, I am in the process of paying and loading the basket. Doing it as quickly as I can so I can get home and enjoy the last few moments of the day.

If I could, I would take each one of them home with me for an hour. I can' I blog.

What are the chances of the food stamp mom and the college student reading "A Frugal Friend?" I don't know, but I hope they are reading.


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