Wanna guess the dress?


Shopping for the perfect dress is not easy. 

Not at 45. 

Not with a body permanently disfigured by 4 pregnancies. 

Not with an 8 year-old who insists on picking everything in hot pink. 

Who keeps stepping on your foot, or worse, the pretty dress. 

Who cannot zip. 

Who sulks when told she can’t try any on, herself. 

Who whines that she is thirsty. 

And needs to pee. 

Not with a husband who thinks 5 dresses is too many to try. 

Who hangs everything you give him to carry back on the rack, randomly

Who thinks they all “look great”. 

Who cannot distinguish chiffon from jersey. 

Or black from navy. 

Who doesn’t fully comprehend the value of saying “Cheese” before snapping a photo. 

Who gets bored easily. 

Who whines that he is thirsty. 

And needs to pee. 

I deserve a medal for not stabbing them both with the saleslady’s pen, right then and there.


So, how about it… feel like playing a game? Wanna guess the dress?  (Hint: click on the link)








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