Wannabee Gardener

pot I want to be starting something, I want to be starting something, I want to be starting something, I want to be growing something.~

Sorry, no singer here. Just a wannabee gardener. I want to grow things inside my house, and the little space I have outside my front door. I have a need to cultivate something.  See I love to see things in from nature, flowers given to me, the plants that overtake the land around the small lake where I take my children. Even the collard greens that my old neighbor Mr. Ernest had traversing his chain linked fence make me long to get my nails dirty.
“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.”

The thing is, I have the desire, but lack the natural talent that my friend Mai and others may have. I struggle making plants thrive, they do well for awhile, then slowly seem to lose their radiance and wither.  I just want things to blossom, bloom, and be beautiful by my care.

So I have to work harder. Much harder. Fortunately for me I can be pretty persistent. So I always give things more then one shot. After three attempts I had some success with an avocado, and was so pleased at how big it got. See!


It grew so well, new leaves sprouting with vigor. I rushed to it each morning to see what growth I could discern, always pleased by what I saw. But then I made my mistake. In my enthusiasm I moved it to a larger pot without need. Slowly it started to look sad. The leaves lost their green spark and started to turn crackly. Brown edges looked marked by a match. I was crushed.

But green hope lives, and I have decided to start another avocado, and will attempt to nurture a sweet potato plant, a lemon tree from seed, and sprout some ginger.

This time I will be more patient, care for them tenderly and read more so I know what I am doing.   Hopefully my optimism will carry me through to planting flowers and vegetables outside with success this spring.

My goal is to feel like Mary from the Secret Garden.

"However many years she lived, Mary always felt that 'she should never forget that first morning when her garden began to grow'.”

How does your garden grow? Any tips for a novice?


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