Want to be patient? Close your eyes

I am on all fours on the black gym mat, waiting for the yoga instructor’s next cue. I’m imagining I’m a table with delicate cup on my back.

I must balance or it will fall apart.

“Now raise your right arm straight in front of you, and your left leg straight behind you. Both should be parallel to your body,” he says.

Now I’m a table with a flying arm and leg. It sounds relatively easy and yet I am wobbling, trying to find my balance.

“Whenever you need balance, focus on your core because it gives your limbs power. Don’t get balance from your limbs, they are unstable and you will fall. Always focus on your center.”

I harden my middle. I stay still. I breathe.

I realize my yoga instructor just taught me a valuable lesson without him even knowing.

The key to patience is calmness.

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