Want a date? Try GitHub!

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Oh, Life in the technology age is so amazing. Dating..not so much.

Want to try online dating? No need to sign up for Match. com, check Github.com to find the one!

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In the age where we consume much more than we output, finding the one has become as easy as posting a request for one on Github.

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What is GitHub, you ask? Well, if you aren't in the programming community, it may not ring a bell. It's a social networking site for programmers with the ability to share code and publish much to the approval and dismay of some of its users. I likened it to a dropbox for devs but it's so much more than that.

Back to the star of the story, Ms. Noriko Higashi posted the file "boyfriend_require" to her GitHub account with the hope that her long lost suitor will come to her side. In addition to her initial post, she also added the always important readme file which laid out her standards...if you chose to accept them. (brownie points for the first person to guess what movie that's from!)

The standards file titled "Boyfriend_require.Txtis written in Japanese BUT the beauty of the this community is that some daring soul stuck through it and submitted a translation. Here's a glimpse of some of her reqs for companionship:


  • Someone who can speak with his neighbors (regardless of their age or gender) for at least 30 minutes.
  • Someone who plays at most only 1 hour of video games a day, or at most only 30 minutes of TV.
  • Someone who writes beautiful code–it makes me cry tears of joy. (Required)
  • Someone who maintains their own server (Required, Linux preferred)
  • Someone who will let me help them maintain their own server (Required)
  • Someone with public repos on Github (Required)
  • Someone who has professional relationships, which have lasted at least one year, with over 20 people (this includes relationships on Facebook).
I mean the list goes on and on but Ms. Noriko...I HEAR YOU! It's not everyday you can find a guy that writes beautiful code.
As the tale continues to unfold, we learn that 28/30 requirements need to be met, but that doesn't stop the line of growing interest from responding to her call.
So for all of those lucky ladies and gentleman looking for love, I say...try github, it couldn't hurt!
This takes the phrase "Computer Love" to a whole nother level!
Want to wish her luck or sound off about your online dating experiences? Let us know below!