Reading Caleb's Crossing Was Like Hopping Into a Time Machine

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Honestly, a book set in 1665 in Martha’s Vineyard did not initially appeal to me. At all. What I found in Caleb's Crossing though, was such a wonderful story of faith and risk, love and hope. Those things can happen in any time period, eh? (Duh!) Reading this book felt like entering into a whole new world. Geraldine Brooks was able to take something completely foreign to many of us and give it life and character.

Reading this book was like hopping in a good old time machine and exploring every angle of a fascinating place and time that was not previously available to us. (In a time machine, that is. Oh, never mind the time machine!) The point is, it was very beautifully written. In particular, I loved learning more about the plight of women through the eyes of Bethia a young woman with a big dream. I was encouraged at how far women have come but saddened at how long it has taken to get here! Brooks’ allowing Bethia to tell the story was impressive.

The story follows a young man who became the first Native American Harvard graduate as told by Bethia, who is desperate for an education and all the other “perks” afforded young men. The rest of the story is the interesting intersection of her and Caleb’s secret friendship and her inability to follow her dreams but to watch him follow his. It was inspiring and profoundly sad all at once. I won’t say more, you’ll have to read it yourself! =)

For something completely different and very well told, you should totally read this book! I give it an A+.


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