Want to keep that New Year's resolution? Rewire your brain

It's called the "Marshamallow Test" and it's actually quite a simple study.

A Columbia University professor gave a bunch of 4-year-olds the option of eating the marshmallow in front of them or waiting 30 minutes so they could eat TWO marshmallows instead.

The professor in charge of the study said that the kids who were able to postpone their gratification to earn two marshmallows used tactics to distract themselves. They did things like turn themselves around in their chair, sang songs to themselves, picked their ears, played with their toes and covered their eyes with their hands.

The professor said this study illustrates that it's not about being stoic and fighting the urge only with willpower, but also about keeping your eye on the goal ... but not on the temptation.

Here's the piece:



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