Christmas 2012: Exchange Serving for Impressing


At its core, this whole idea is really thinking less about yourself (the desire to impress is self-oriented) and more about others (serving is not self-oriented).

The odd thing is when you do that, you end up being happier, too.

And anyone who is unhappy with you about the lack of impressiveness in your Christmas celebration is probably not someone that was worth impressing anyway.

P.S.Don't hear me saying that certain activities are always done with the motive to impress. It's possible that you can Bake All Of The Cookies and throw a party and buy expensive gifts and send out perfect cards with very lovely motives. All I'm saying is that for most of us, Christmas presents us with a lot of opportunities to think way too much about impressing others.

Alrighty ... talk to me! Do you struggle with the desire to impress people? Do you have tips for changing your focus from impressing to serving?

Kristen writes about cheerfully living on less at The Frugal Girl. She's a photography and baking nut, and a happy wife (of one) and homeschooling mom (of four).


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