Wants and Needs

Right now in my life there are a lot of wants and needs. I am in the stage where I am having to figure out what is a want and a need. Chris and my self are in a place where we are trying to figure out where we are going in our marriage, what we want together and how to get there. We are perfectly happy with things the way they are but we want more and we want to grow our family. 

This year we have decided we want to grow our family at some point past just us and the dogs. Before we can even begin to do this we have to pay down a few things and I have to get my body physically in shape (I am not the healthiest cookie). I see so many people just jump into having a kid and I do not know how they do it. How does one just have a kid, not think about the repercussions and the financial aspect of it? I want a child, but I am so scared of all of the financial parts of it that I want to pay down some of our debt first. I do not know how long this will take, it could be 6 months, a year, 2 years but I want to bring a child into the world and I want to be able to take care of them without worrying where I will be able to buy things for them. 

With that said, I plan on giving up a lot in the next year. I plan on giving up beach trips, concerts, shopping (unless it is essential items, plus I have my own clothing store just upstairs), frivolous things I do not need, Starbucks, eating out (we really do not do this a lot), make up bags like Ipsy, and any other items I do not need. If it is something I do not need in my life..it is gone. I buy so much junk that I do not need. My closest is filled to the brim with clothes that I could wear something every day and for 3 weeks and still have more stuff. I really want to crack down and have my debt paid down and be able to have a child and the only way to do to is if I do this. 

This is also just to pay down my debt. This doesn't even began to cover baby stuff. This all makes my head spin and I am so excited for when it happens. I want it to happen right now but I have to be patient. Is anyone else going through this right now? I am a few years from 30, Chris is 30 and we both want a kid but want it to be right. We have been married a few years now. Either we are stressing to much or this is normal. 

Is anyone else going through this? 


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